You can’t always plan for what life brings your way, but the right insurance coverage can position you to best handle the unforeseen situations in which we all find ourselves. Whether affected by an accident, fire, theft, or some other circumstance, when your valuable and cherished possessions are protected up front your resolution can be easier, quicker, and more complete.

Don’t let the unexpected be unmanageable.

Learn about the following Personal Insurance options that Pine Bush Agents offers to protect you from life’s twists and turns.

Read more about available insurance coverage options below.


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If you drive in New York State, the law requires you to carry specific levels of automobile coverage. The right policy will be there for you if you are accountable for repairs to your own vehicle or someone else’s, or deemed liable for an injured person’s pain and suffering.


Home is where the heart is, as well as most of your most valuable and cherished assets. No one ever wants to be in the unfortunate position to have to make a claim on their house, but having the right coverage is crucial should you ever need to.

Valuable Items

Sentimental value makes some items irreplaceable, but protecting the monetary value of your cherished possessions brings added peace of mind. Consider items such as these for this coverage: Jewelry, China & Crystal, Antiques, Firearms, Art, Stamp & Coin Collections, Bicycles, Technology, Recreation & Sports Equipment, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Furs, etc…

Tenant Homeowner

Renters: Don’t assume your liability, and the value of your possessions, are covered by your landlord. You must carry your own policy to protect against risks and exposure not handled by the property owner.


A home isn’t always a house. Your condo is one of your biggest personal investments, and comes with a unique set of considerations you need to make to get the right coverage. Cover your unit, so your personal property is protected and your liability is covered.


Exactly what it sounds like, an umbrella policy provides an additional layer of liability coverage, and ensures that you are protected no matter what may come your way. Great allies in unforeseen circumstances, these policies are an increasingly popular way to protect your assets in a litigious world.


You go to great lengths to choose the right tenants for your rental property. Put the same care into choosing how you cover it. Protect yourself against financial losses and other liability.

Vacant Dwelling

Vacant dwellings are often difficult to insure and cannot be covered under a standard homeowner policy.  Most homeowner policies reduce certain coverages once a dwelling is vacant for an extended period of time and many insurance companies will cancel your policy if they find out your home is vacant.  A specialized vacant dwelling policy can protect you when a homeowner policy is not available.


Motorcyclists are required to carry insurance in New York State, including liability, uninsured motorist, and personal injury protection coverage minimums. Before you put two tires to the road, work with us to get a quote that will ensure you’re covered for whatever the road ahead has in store for you.

Motor Homes & Travel Trailers

An RV is not a car. Don’t insure it with an auto policy. Before those long road trips, let us tailor a policy that will protect you from coast to coast – figuratively and literally.

Antique / Classic / Exotic Autos

The value of your collectible cars doesn’t depreciate the way a modern vehicle’s would. You drive it less; you take care of it more; all that adds up to potentially lower rates than standard auto insurance.


Protect yourself and your sled. From property claims to bodily injury and more, we can create a snowmobile policy to provide great protection as you travel those winter wonderland trails.

Boat / Jet Ski

Safeguard on duty! Protect yourself and your equipment from damage, theft – even personal injury – before you even take to the water.

Off-Road Vehicles

There’s no doubt about it, off-roading is fun! It also presents a unique set of risks, and you need to be sure you’re covered for whatever may lie ahead on the trail. Just like your helmet, a strong policy is crucial protection.


Homeowner policies don’t include flood insurance. Many people wonder if they even need it at all. We can help you decide if you need it, what amount of coverage is right for you, and we can do it all without soaking you with high rates.