You’ve invested both your talents and treasures into establishing your business. It is your livelihood and a point of pride, and you want to protect what you’ve built. Protecting your business assets for future growth and success is good for you and your employees, and the right coverage can help. We can create a policy that makes sense for where your business is now, and where your plans are headed for the future.

We make it our business to protect yours.

Learn about the following Commercial Insurance options that Pine Bush Agents offers to protect your business and your livelihood.

Read more about available insurance coverage options below.

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Business Owner

BOPs, or Business Owners Policies, are an effective way to protect your business – both your brick and mortar location and your financial assets. Funny name, serious protection for what you’ve worked so hard to build.

General Liability

Make sure all of your business’ operations are covered with a general liability policy. You and your employees work hard every day to ensure your business is a success. Get a policy that works as hard to protect you during those day-to-day activities.

Business Auto

Commerce without transportation doesn’t work. Whether you have a fleet of vehicles at work for you or just a few cars on the road, protect the automotive facet of your operation with coverage that will keep you moving.

Commercial Property

No matter how detailed your business plan is, you can’t plan for everything. Property coverage for unforeseen disasters, damage, theft, and more can help businesses stay in business and recover faster when the unexpected occurs.


Exactly what it sounds like, an umbrella policy provides wide-reaching coverage that extends beyond other plans, and ensures that you are protected no matter what may come your way. Great allies in unforeseen circumstances, these policies are an increasingly popular way to protect your assets in a litigious world.

Worker's Compensation

Protect your employees and protect yourself with coverage that also benefits those who work hard to make your business a success. Workers comp insurance provides key benefits to your employees.

Disability Benefits

New York State disability benefits coverage provides temporary cash payments for eligible wage earners who are incapacitated by an illness or disability from a non-occupational injury.

Professional Liability

If you provide services or advice, you can in some cases be held legally liable for harm that befalls your clients. Professional Liability coverage protects you in the event that a client is harmed from a service or advice that you provide for which you are held legally liable.

Equipment Floater

When your professional equipment is often moved from place to place, enhanced coverage can help protect your property regardless of its locale. This coverage is especially appropriate for businesses with investments in heavy construction equipment.

Surety Bonds

A bond guarantees the performance of a contract or other obligation.  The purpose of a surety bond is to protect the public and private interests against financial loss.  There are several types of surety bonds: fidelity, public official, judicial, fiduciary (i.e., probate bonds), license & permit (i.e., liquor bonds) and contract to name a few.

Specialty Insurance

No two businesses are the same – not in size, not in services, and certainly not in the amount of legal exposure they assume. Tailor a policy to meet your specific enterprise-wide needs, and ensure that you’re covered for the unique challenges and risks your business situation presents.

Cannabis Industry

The growing medical marijuana industry is comprised of myriad industry sectors. From processing facilities to dispensaries, each part of the whole requires different coverage considerations for putting sound policies in place.


A policy that wears as many hats as you! Contractor policies bring many different types of coverage – BOPs, general liability, worker’s comp, and more – under one hard hat. Simplify your protection with one policy that does it all.

Apartment Buildings

Protect your property – it’s your investment and source of income! We can create a policy that is the right fit for your property. Contact us to go through a list of customizable features to make sure you get the coverage you need.


Spend less time working on your operations, and more time involved with your cause. The right policy takes the worry out of non-profit operations by covering everything from employees and volunteers to outside contractors, and more.